[1101.0584] Composite gravitational-wave detection of compact binary coalescence

Authors: Kipp Cannon, Chad Hanna, Drew Keppel, Antony C. Searle

Date: 3 Jan 2011

Abstract: The detection of gravitational waves from compact binaries relies on a computationally burdensome processing of gravitational-wave detector data. The parameter space of compact-binary-coalescence gravitational waves is large and optimal detection strategies often require nearly redundant calculations. Previously, it has been shown that singular value decomposition of search filters removes redundancy. Here we will demonstrate the use of singular value decomposition for a composite detection statistic. This can greatly improve the prospects for a computationally feasible rapid detection scheme across a large compact binary parameter space.

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Jan 07, 2011

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2011-01-07, 22:18 [edit]

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