[1101.2324] Are Time-Domain Self-Force Calculations Contaminated by Jost Solutions?

Authors: Jose Luis Jaramillo (1 and 2), Carlos F. Sopuerta (3), Priscilla Canizares (3) ((1) AEI, (2) LUTH, (3) ICE, CSIC-IEEC)

Date: 12 Jan 2011

Abstract: The modeling of the gravitational-wave emission from extreme-mass-ratio inspirals is crucial for their detection and analysis with the future space-based observatory LISA. The inspiral can be described as the action of a local force, the self-force, determined by the gravitational perturbations created by the small object, described as a point mass, on the background geometry. The calculation of the self-force is a challenging task that requires the control of sources of error such as spurious modes or numerical noise. Here we address the question of the possible emergence of a persistent spurious solution in time-domain schemes, referred to as a Jost junk solution in the literature, that may contaminate self-force calculations. Previous studies suggested that Jost solutions are due to the use of zero initial data, which is inconsistent with the singular sources associated with the point mass. However, in this work we show that the specific origin is an inconsistency in the translation of the singular sources into jump conditions. More importantly, we identify the correct implementation of the sources at late times as the sufficient condition guaranteeing the absence of Jost junk solutions.

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Jan 15, 2011

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