[1101.5169] The Binary Fraction of Low Mass White Dwarfs

Authors: Justin M. Brown (1), Mukremin Kilic (2), Warren R. Brown (2), Scott J. Kenyon (3) ((1) Franklin and Marshall College (2) Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)

Date: 26 Jan 2011

Abstract: We describe spectroscopic observations of 21 low-mass (<0.45 M_sun) white dwarfs (WDs) from the Palomar-Green Survey obtained over four years. We use both radial velocities and infrared photometry to identify binary systems, and find that the fraction of single, low-mass WDs is <30%. We discuss the potential formation channels for these single stars including binary mergers of lower-mass objects. However, binary mergers are not likely to explain the observed number of single low-mass WDs. Thus additional formation channels, such as enhanced mass loss due to winds or interactions with substellar companions, are likely.

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Jan 28, 2011

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