[1103.4215] Testing feasibility of scalar-tensor gravity by scale dependent mass and coupling to matter

Authors: D. F. Mota, V. Salzano, S. Capozziello

Date: 22 Mar 2011

Abstract: We investigate whether there are any cosmological evidences for a scalar field with a mass and cou- pling to matter which change accordingly to the properties of the astrophysical system it "lives in", without directly focusing on the underlying mechanism that drives the scalar field scale-dependent- properties. We assume a Yukawa type of coupling between the field and matter and also that the scalar field mass grows with density, in order to overcome all gravity constraints within the solar system. We analyse three different gravitational systems assumed as "cosmological indicators": su- pernovae type Ia, low surface brightness spiral galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Results show that: a. a quite good fit to the rotation curves of low surface brightness galaxies only using visible stellar and gas mass components is obtained; b. a scalar field can fairly well reproduce the matter profile in clusters of galaxies, estimated by X-ray observations and without the need of any additional dark matter; c. there is an intrinsic difficulty in extracting information about the possibility of a scale-dependent massive scalar field (or more generally about a varying gravitational constant) from supernovae type Ia.

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Mar 24, 2011

1103.4215 (/preprints)
2011-03-24, 16:33 [edit]

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