[1105.3567] The importance of including small body spin effects in the modelling of extreme and intermediate mass-ratio inspirals

Authors: EA Huerta, Jonathan R Gair

Date: 18 May 2011

Abstract: We explore the ability of future low-frequency gravitational wave detectors to measure the spin of stellar mass and intermediate mass black holes that inspiral onto super-massive Kerr black holes (SMBHs). We develop a kludge waveform model based on the equations of motion derived by Saijo et al. [Phys Rev D 58, 064005, 1998] for spinning BH binaries, augmented with spin-orbit and spin-spin couplings taken from perturbative and post-Newtonian (PN) calculations, and the associated conservative self-force corrections, derived by comparison to PN results. We model the inspiral phase using accurate fluxes which include perturbative corrections for the spin of the inspiralling body, spin-spin couplings and higher-order fits to solutions of the Teukolsky equation. We present results of Monte Carlo simulations of parameter estimation errors and of the model errors that arise when we omit conservative corrections from the waveform template. For a source 5000+10ˆ6 solar mass observed with an SNR of 1000, LISA will be able to determine the two masses to within a fractional error of ~0.001, measure the SMBH spin magnitude, q, and the spin magnitude of the inspiralling BH to 0.0001, 10%, respectively, and determine the location of the source in the sky and the SMBH spin orientation to within 0.0001 steradians. For a 10+10ˆ6 solar mass system observed with SNR of 30, LISA will not be able to determine the spin magnitude of the inspiralling BH, although the measurement of the other waveform parameters is not significantly degraded by the presence of spin. The model errors which arise from ignoring conservative corrections become significant for mass-ratios above 0.0001, but including these corrections up to 2PN order may be sufficient to reduce these systematic errors to an acceptable level.

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May 19, 2011

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