[1106.1264] Note on the Post-Newtonian limit of massive Brans-Dicke theory

Authors: Mahmood Roshan, Fatimah Shojai

Date: 7 Jun 2011

Abstract: We consider the Post-Newtonian limit of massive Brans-Dicke theory and we make some notes about the Post-Newtonian limit of the case $\omega=0$. This case is dynamically equivalent to the metric $f(R)$ theory. It is known that this theory can be compatible with the solar system tests if Chameleon mechanism occurs. Also, it is known that this mechanism is because of the non-linearity in the field equations produced by the largeness of the local curvature relative to the background curvature. Thus, the linearization of the field equations breaks down. On the other hand we know that Chameleon mechanism exists when a coupling between the matter and the scalar field exists. In the Jordan frame of Brans-Dicke theory, we have not such a coupling. But in the Einstein frame this theory behaves like a Chameleon scalar field. By confining ourselves to the case $\omega=0$, we show that "Chameleon-like" behavior can exist also in the Jordan frame but it has an important difference compared with the Chameleon mechanism. Also we show that the conditions which lead to the existence of "Chameleon-like" mechanism are consistent with the conditions in the Post-Newtonian limit which correspond to a heavy scalar filed at the cosmological scale and a small effective cosmological constant. Thus, one can linearize field equations to the Post-Newtonian order and this linearization has not any contradiction with the existence of "Chameleon-like" behavior.

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Jun 13, 2011

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