[1106.1692] Testing the Cosmic Censorship Conjecture with point particles: the effect of radiation reaction and the self-force

Authors: Enrico Barausse, Vitor Cardoso, Gaurav Khanna

Date: 9 Jun 2011

Abstract: A classical thought-experiment to destroy black holes was envisaged by Wald in 1974: it consists of throwing particles with large angular momentum into an extremal black hole, checking whether their capture can over-spin the black hole past the extremal limit and create a naked singularity. Wald showed that in the test-particle limit, particles capable of producing naked singularities are simply scattered. Recently Jacobson and Sotiriou showed that if one considers instead a black hole that is almost, but not exactly extremal, naked singularities can be formed by particle capture, thus violating the Cosmic Censorship Conjecture in four-dimensional, asymptotically flat spacetimes. However, Jacobson and Sotiriou followed Wald in adopting the test-particle approximation, which neglects radiative and self-force effects. Here we analyze these effects and show that for some of the trajectories giving rise to naked singularities, radiative effects can be neglected. However, for these orbits the conservative self-force is important, and seems to have the right sign to prevent the formation of naked singularities.

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Jun 13, 2011

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