[1106.3278] Periastron Advance in Black Hole Binaries

Authors: Alexandre Le Tiec, Abdul H. Mroué, Leor Barack, Alessandra Buonanno, Harald P. Pfeiffer, Norichika Sago, Andrea Taracchini

Date: 16 Jun 2011

Abstract: The general relativistic periastron advance of non-spinning black hole binaries on quasi-circular orbits has been computed using black hole perturbation theory, post-Newtonian expansions, and the effective-one-body formalism. We compare these approximations with accurate numerical relativity simulations of mass ratios 1/8 < m1/m2 < 1. We find the leading-order self-force prediction to be remarkably accurate, even for equal mass binaries, if one substitutes m1/m2 --> m1m2/(m1+m2)ˆ2. The effective-one-body prediction also agrees very well over the entire mass-ratio range considered.

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Jun 21, 2011

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2011-06-21, 16:19 [edit]

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