[1106.5555] Anisotropies in the Gravitational-Wave Stochastic Background

Authors: S. Olmez, V. Mandic, X. Siemens

Date: 28 Jun 2011

Abstract: We consider anisotropies in the stochastic background of gravitational-waves (SBGW) arising from random fluctuations in the number of gravitational-wave sources. We first develop the general formalism which can be applied to different cosmological or astrophysical scenarios. We then apply this formalism to calculate the anisotropies of SBGW associated with the fluctuations in the number of cosmic string loops, considering both cosmic string cusps and kinks. We calculate the anisotropies as a function of angle and frequency.

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Jun 30, 2011

1106.5555 (/preprints)
2011-06-30, 11:51 [edit]

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