[1109.2744] Tidal Perturbations to the Gravitational Inspiral of J0651 2844

Authors: Matthew Benacquista

Date: 13 Sep 2011

Abstract: The recently discovered J0651+2844 is a detached, eclipsing white dwarf binary with an orbital period of 765 s. We investigate the prospects for the detection of gravitational radiation from this system and estimate the effect of the tidal deformation of the low-mass component on the period evolution of the system. Because of the high inclination of the system, the amplitude of the gravitational waves at Earth will be as much as a factor of two lower than that from an optimally oriented system. The dominant contribution of tidal corrections to the period evolution comes from the increase in rotational energy of the components as they spin up to remain tied to the orbital period. This contribution results in an advance of the timing of the eclipses by an additional 0.3 s after one year.

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Sep 14, 2011

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