[1109.5128] Eccentric binary neutron star mergers

Authors: Roman Gold, Sebastiano Bernuzzi, Marcus Thierfelder, Bernd Bruegmann, Frans Pretorius

Date: 23 Sep 2011

Abstract: Neutron star binaries offer a rich phenomenology in terms of gravitational waves and merger remnants. However, most general relativistic studies have been performed for nearly circular binaries, with the exception of head-on collisions. We present the first numerical relativity investigation of mergers of eccentric equal-mass neutron-star binaries that probes the regime between head-on and circular. In addition to gravitational waves generated by the orbital motion, we find that the signal also contains a strong component due to stellar oscillations (f-modes) induced by tidal forces, extending a classical result for Newtonian binaries. The merger can lead to rather massive disks on the order of 10% of the total initial mass.

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Sep 30, 2011

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2011-09-30, 11:55 [edit]

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