[1109.5685] Price for Environmental Neutrino-Superluminality

Authors: Gia Dvali, Alexander Vikman

Date: 26 Sep 2011

Abstract: We ask whether the resent OPERA results on neutrino superluminality could be an environmental effect characteristic of the local neighborhood of our planet, without the need of violation of the Poincaré-invariance at a fundamental level. This explanation requires the existence of a new spin-2 field of a planetary Compton wave-length that is coupled to neutrinos and the rest of the matter asymmetrically, both in the magnitude and in the sign. Sourced by the earth this field creates an effective metric on which neutrinos propagate superluminally, whereas other species are much less sensitive to the background. Such a setup, at an effective field theory level, passes all immediate phenomenological tests and its natural prediction is an inevitable appearance of a testable long-range gravity-type fifth force. We then prove that under the assumption of the weakly-coupled Poincaré-invariant physics, the asymmetrically-coupled second massive graviton is the only possible environmental explanation. Despite phonemonolgical viability, the sign assymetry of the coupling we identify as the main potential obstacle for a consistent UV-completion. We also discuss the possible identification of this field with a Kaluza-Klein state of an extra dimension in which neutrino can propagate.

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Sep 30, 2011

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