[1109.6312] Relativistic Superluminal Neutrinos

Authors: Alex Kehagias

Date: 28 Sep 2011

Abstract: We present a possible solution to the OPERA collaboration anomaly for the speed of neutrinos, based on the idea that it is a local effect caused by a scalar field sourced by the earth. The coupling of the scalar to neutrinos effectively changes the background metric where they propagate, leading to superluminality. The strength of the coupling is set by a new mass scale, which is at $1\, {\rm TeV}$ to account for the OPERA anomaly. Moreover, if this scenario is valid, the neutrino velocity depends on the baseline distance between the emission and detection points in such a way that superluminal signals are turn to subluminal for baseline distances roughly larger than the earth radius.

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Sep 30, 2011

1109.6312 (/preprints)
2011-09-30, 11:49 [edit]

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