[1110.0017] Empirical Constraints on the Coevolution of Supermassive Black Holes and their Host Spheroids

Authors: Gongjie Li, Charlie Conroy, Abraham Loeb

Date: 30 Sep 2011

Abstract: We investigate the evolution of the MBH-{\sigma} relation by examining the relationship between the intrinsic scatter in the MBH-{\sigma} relation and galaxy bolometric nuclear luminosity, the latter being a probe of the accretion rate of the black hole (BH). Our sample is composed of galaxies with classical bulges when possible, of which 38 have dynamically measured BHs masses, and 17 have BHs masses measured by reverberation mapping. In order to obtain the bolometric nuclear luminosity for galaxies with low nuclear luminosity, we convert the X-ray nuclear luminosity measured by Chandra to bolometric luminosity. We find that the scatter in the MBH-{\sigma} relation is uncorrelated with nuclear luminosity over seven orders of magnitude in luminosity, with the high luminosity end approaching the Eddington luminosity. This suggests that at the present epoch galaxies evolve along the MBH-{\sigma} relation. This conclusion is consistent with the standard paradigm that BHs grow contemporaneously with their host stellar spheroids.

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Oct 04, 2011

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