[1110.3759] Neutron star equation of state via gravitational wave observations

Authors: Charalampos Markakis, Jocelyn S. Read, Masaru Shibata, Koji Uryu, Jolien D. E. Creighton, John L. Friedman, Benjamin D. Lackey

Date: 17 Oct 2011

Abstract: Gravitational wave observations can potentially measure properties of neutron star equations of state by measuring departures from the point-particle limit of the gravitational waveform produced in the late inspiral of a neutron star binary. Numerical simulations of inspiraling neutron star binaries computed for equations of state with varying stiffness are compared. As the stars approach their final plunge and merger, the gravitational wave phase accumulates more rapidly if the neutron stars are more compact. This suggests that gravitational wave observations at frequencies around 1 kHz will be able to measure a compactness parameter and place stringent bounds on possible neutron star equations of state. Advanced laser interferometric gravitational wave observatories will be able to tune their frequency band to optimize sensitivity in the required frequency range to make sensitive measures of the late-inspiral phase of the coalescence.

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Oct 18, 2011

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