[1110.5048] TeVeS/MOND is in harmony with gravitational redshifts in galaxy clusters

Authors: Jacob D. Bekenstein, Robert H. Sanders

Date: 23 Oct 2011

Abstract: Wojtak, Hansen and Hjorth have recently claimed to confirm general relativity and to rule out the tensor-vector-scalar (TeVeS) gravitational theory based on an analysis of the gravitational redshifts of galaxies in 7800 clusters. But their ubiquitous modeling of the sources of cluster gravitational fields with Navarro-Frenk-White mass profiles is neither empirically justified out to the necessary radii in clusters, nor germane in the case of TeVeS. Using MONDian isothermal sphere models consistently constructed within MOND (equivalent to TeVeS models), we can fit the determined redshifts no worse than does general relativity with dark halos. Wojtak, Hansen and Hjorth's work is further marred by confusion between the primitive mu-function of TeVeS and the MOND interpolation function.

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Oct 31, 2011

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