[1111.0005] Towards improving the prospects for coordinated gravitational-wave and electromagnetic observations

Authors: Ilya Mandel, Luke Z. Kelley, Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz

Date: 31 Oct 2011

Abstract: We discuss two approaches to searches for gravitational-wave (GW) and electromagnetic (EM) counterparts of binary neutron star mergers. The first approach relies on triggering archival searches of GW detector data based on detections of EM transients. We introduce a quantitative approach to evaluate the improvement to GW detector reach due to the extra information gained from the EM transient and the increased confidence in the presence of a signal from a binary merger. We also advocate utilizing other transients in addition to short gamma ray bursts. The second approach involves following up GW candidates with targeted EM observations. We argue for the use of slower but optimal parameter-estimation techniques to localize the source on the sky, and for a more sophisticated use of astrophysical prior information, including galaxy catalogs, to find preferred followup locations.

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Nov 14, 2011

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