[1111.1383] The speed of gravitational wave: could larger than the speed of light

Authors: Xin Li, Zhe Chang

Date: 6 Nov 2011

Abstract: By making use of the weak gravitational field approximation, we obtain the linearized solution of the gravitational vacuum field equation in Finsler spacetime. The plane-waves solution and dispersion relation of gravitational wave in Finsler spacetime is given. It implies that the speed of gravitational wave could larger than the speed of light. It is compatible with the very recent results of OPERA collaboration, which found that the speed of neutrinos is faster than the speed of light. The wave vector of gravitational wave is null in Finsler spacetime, it would not lose energy via gravitational Cherenkov radiation. The results of OPERA collaboration hint that spacetime may be Finslerian.

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Nov 14, 2011

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