[1202.3595] Detecting Cosmic Gravitational-wave Background from Super-heavy Cosmic Strings with LISA

Authors: Alf Tang, Timothy J. Sumner

Date: 16 Feb 2012

Abstract: Although cosmic string scenario for galaxy formation is disfavored by CMB data, it is of great interest in the generation of cosmic gravitational-wave background. This research aims to develop an algorithm to extract cosmic gravitational-wave background produced by cosmic strings from the LISA data stream, and apply the algorithm to the simulated data stream containing the background produced by cosmic strings with various strength to study the detection threshold for this source. For 1-yr observation, It is found that the detection threshold of G{\mu} is 3.12 \times 10ˆ-16 in the standard scenario. In the case that p and {\epsilon} are adjustable, the detectable region in parameter space is defined by (G{\mu})ˆ2/3 {\epsilon}ˆ-1/3 / p> 4.6 \times 10-11.

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Feb 23, 2012

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