[1204.1043] The third and a half post-Newtonian gravitational wave quadrupole mode for quasi-circular inspiralling compact binaries

Authors: Guillaume Faye, Sylvain Marsat, Luc Blanchet, Bala R. Iyer

Date: 4 Apr 2012

Abstract: We compute the quadrupole mode of the gravitational waveform of inspiralling compact binaries at the third and a half post-Newtonian (3.5PN) approximation of general relativity. The computation is performed using the multipolar post-Newtonian formalism, and restricted to binaries without spins moving on quasi-circular orbits. The new inputs mainly include the 3.5PN terms in the mass quadrupole moment of the source, and the control of required subdominant corrections to the contributions of hereditary integrals (tails and non-linear memory effect). The result is given in the form of the quadrupolar mode (2,2) in a spin-weighted spherical harmonic decomposition of the waveform, and will allow a more accurate comparison with the outcome of numerical relativity simulations.

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Apr 05, 2012

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