[1205.3926] Influence of internal structure on the motion of test bodies in extreme mass ratio situations

Authors: Jan Steinhoff, Dirk Puetzfeld

Date: 17 May 2012

Abstract: We investigate the motion of test bodies with internal structure in General Relativity. With the help of a multipolar approximation method for extended test bodies we derive the equations of motion up to the quadrupolar order. The motion of pole-dipole and quadrupole test bodies is studied in the context of the Kerr geometry. For an explicit quadrupole model, which includes spin and tidal interactions, the motion in the equatorial plane is characterized by an effective potential and by the binding energy. We compare our findings to recent results for the conservative part of the self-force of bodies in extreme mass ratio situations. Possible implications for gravitational wave physics are outlined.

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May 24, 2012

1205.3926 (/preprints)
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