[1206.5531] Electron-phonon pairing mechanism: cuprates with high value of the critical temperature

Authors: R. Szcz\keśniak, A.P. Durajski

Date: 24 Jun 2012

Abstract: The model for the cuprates based on the modified electron-phonon pairing mechanism has been tested. For this purpose, the superconductors with high value of the critical temperature have been taken into consideration. In particular: ${\rm YBa_{2}Cu_{3}O_{7-y}}$, ${\rm HgBa_{2}CuO_{4+y}}$, ${\rm HgBa_{2}Cu_{1-x}Zn_{x}O_{4+y}}$, and ${\rm HgBa_{2}Ca_{2}Cu_{3}O_{8+y}}$. It has been shown that the dependence of the ratio $R_{1}\equiv 2\Delta_{tot}ˆ{(0)}/k_{B}T_{C}$ on the doping ($p$) can be properly predicted in the framework of the presented theory; the symbol $\Delta_{tot}ˆ{(0)}$ denotes the energy gap amplitude at the temperature of zero Kelvin, and $T_{C}$ is the critical temperature. The numerical results have been supplemented by the formula which describes the function $R_{1}(p)$.

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Jun 26, 2012

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