[1207.4848] Prospects for observing ultra-compact binaries with space-based gravitational wave interferometers and optical telescopes

Authors: Tyson B. Littenberg, Shane L. Larson, Gijs Nelemans, Neil J. Cornish

Date: 20 Jul 2012

Abstract: Space-based gravitational wave interferometers are sensitive to the galactic population of ultra-compact binaries. An important subset of the ultra-compact binary population are those stars that can be individually resolved by both gravitational wave interferometers and electromagnetic telescopes. The aim of this paper is to quantify the multi-messenger potential of space-based interferometers with arm-lengths between 1 and 5 Gm. The Fisher Information Matrix is used to estimate the number of binaries from a model of the Milky Way which are localized on the sky by the gravitational wave detector to within 1 deg$ˆ2$ and bright enough to be detected by a magnitude limited survey. We find, depending on the choice of GW detector characteristics, limiting magnitude, and observing strategy, that up to a few hundred gravitational wave sources could be detected in electromagnetic follow-up observations.

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Jul 23, 2012

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