[1207.5595] EMRI corrections to the angular velocity and redshift factor of a mass in circular orbit about a Kerr black hole

Authors: Abhay G. Shah, John L. Friedman, Tobias S. Keidl

Date: 24 Jul 2012

Abstract: This is the first of two papers on computing the self-force in a radiation gauge for a particle moving in circular, equatorial orbit about a Kerr black hole. In the EMRI (extreme-mass-ratio inspiral) framework, with mode-sum renormalization, we compute the renormalized value of the quantity $h_{\alpha\beta}uˆ\alpha uˆ\beta$, gauge-invariant under gauge transformations generated by a helically symmetric gauge vector; and we find the related order $\frak{m}$ correction to the particle's angular velocity at fixed renormalized redshift (and to its redshift at fixed angular velocity). The radiative part of the perturbed metric is constructed from the Hertz potential which is extracted from the Weyl scalar by an algebraic inversion\cite{sf2}. We then write the spin-weighted spheroidal harmonics as a sum over spin-weighted spherical harmonics and use mode-sum renormalization to find the renormalization coefficients by matching a series in $L=\ell+½$ to the large-$L$ behavior of the expression for $H := \frac12 h_{\alpha\beta}uˆ\alpha uˆ\beta $. The non-radiative parts of the perturbed metric associated with changes in mass and angular momentum are calculated in the Kerr gauge.

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Jul 28, 2012

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