[1209.4503] New tests of local Lorentz invariance of gravity with small-eccentricity binary pulsars

Authors: Lijing Shao, Norbert Wex

Date: 20 Sep 2012

Abstract: In the post-Newtonian parametrization of semi-conservative gravity theories, local Lorentz invariance (LLI) violation is characterized by two parameters, alpha_1 and alpha_2. In binary pulsars the isotropic violation of LLI in the gravitational sector leads to characteristic preferred frame effects (PFEs) in the orbital dynamics, if the barycenter of the binary is moving relative to the preferred frame with a velocity w. For small-eccentricity binaries, the effects induced by alpha_1 and alpha_2 decouple, and can therefore be tested independently. We use recent timing results of two compact pulsar-white dwarf binaries with known 3D velocity, PSRs J1012+5307 and J1738+0333, to constrain PFEs for strongly self-gravitating bodies. We derive a limit |alpha_2| < 1.8e-4 (95% CL), which is the most constraining limit for strongly self-gravitating systems up to now. Concerning alpha_1, we propose a new, robust method to constrain this parameter. Our most conservative result, alpha_1 = -0.4ˆ{+3.7}_{-3.1} e-5 (95% CL) from PSR J1738+0333, constitutes a significant improvement compared to current most stringent limits obtained both in Solar system and binary pulsar tests. We also derive corresponding limits for alpha_1 and alpha_2 for a preferred frame that is at rest with respect to our Galaxy, and preferred frames that locally co-move with the rotation of our Galaxy. (Abridged)

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Sep 21, 2012

1209.4503 (/preprints)
2012-09-21, 10:29 [edit]

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