[1210.6666] An effectual template bank for the detection of gravitational waves from inspiralling compact binaries with generic spins

Authors: P. Ajith, N. Fotopoulos, S. Privitera, A. Neunzert, A. J. Weinstein

Date: 24 Oct 2012

Abstract: We report the construction of a three-dimensional template bank for the search for gravitational waves from inspiralling binaries consisting of spinning compact objects. The parameter space consists of two dimensions describing the mass parameters and one "reduced-spin parameter", which describes the secular (non-precessing) spin effects in the waveform. The template placement is based on an efficient stochastic algorithm and makes use of the semi-analytical computation of a metric in the parameter space. We demonstrate that such a template family is "effectual" (effective fitting factor ~ 0.93--0.99) for the detection of generic spinning "low-mass" (m_1 + m_2 <~ 12 M_sun) binaries in the advanced detector era, over the entire parameter space of interest (including binary neutron stars, binary black holes, and black hole-neutron star binaries). This provides a powerful and practical method for searching for gravitational waves from generic spinning low-mass compact binaries. The expected improvement in the average detection volume (at a fixed signal-to-noise-ratio threshold) of this spinning search, as compared to a non-spinning search is ~19--58%.

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Oct 26, 2012

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