[1211.7099] Nonlinear Gravitational Recoil from the Mergers of Precessing Black-Hole Binaries

Authors: Carlos O. Lousto, Yosef Zlochower

Date: 29 Nov 2012

Abstract: We present results from an extensive study of 83 precessing, equal-mass black-hole binaries with large spins, a/m=0.8, and use these data to model new nonlinear contributions to the gravitational recoil imparted to the merged black hole. We find a new effect, the "cross kick", that enhances the recoil for partially aligned binaries beyond the "hangup kick" effect. This has the consequence of increasing the probabilities (by nearly a factor two) of recoils larger than 2000 km/s, and, consequently, of black holes getting ejected from galaxies and globular clusters, as well as the observation of large differential redshifts/blueshifts in the cores of recently merged galaxies.

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Dec 03, 2012

1211.7099 (/preprints)
2012-12-03, 11:01 [edit]

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