[1212.4973] Gravitational waveforms for unequal mass black hole binaries detectable by KAGRA

Authors: Márton Tápai, Zoltán Keresztes, László Á. Gergely

Date: 20 Dec 2012

Abstract: Gravitational waveforms generated by unequal mass black hole binaries are expected to be common sources for future gravitational wave detectors. We derived the waveforms emitted by such systems during the last part of the inspiral, when the larger spin dominates over the orbital angular momentum and the smaller spin is negligible. These Spin-Dominated Waveforms (SDW) arise as a double expansion in the post-Newtonian parameter and another parameter proportional to the ratio of the orbital angular momentum and the dominant spin. The time spent by the gravitational wave as an SDW in the sensitivity range of the KAGRA detector is presented for the first time.

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Dec 21, 2012

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2012-12-21, 13:03 [edit]

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