[1212.5202] Analysis of 3 years of data from the gravitational wave detectors EXPLORER and NAUTILUS

Authors: ROG Collaboration: P. Astone, M. Bassan, E. Coccia, S. D Antonio, V. Fafone, G. Giordano, A. Marini, Y. Minenkov, I. Modena, A. Moleti, G. V. Pallottino, G. Pizzella, A. Rocchi, F. Ronga, R. Terenzi, M. Visco

Date: 20 Dec 2012

Abstract: We performed a search for short gravitational wave bursts using about 3 years of data of the resonant bar detectors Nautilus and Explorer. Two types of analysis were performed: a search for coincidences with a low background of accidentals (0.1 over the entire period), and the calculation of upper limits on the rate of gravitational wave bursts. Here we give a detailed account of the methodology and we report the results: a null search for coincident events and an upper limit that improves over all previous limits from resonant antennas, and is competitive, in the range hrss 10ˆ{-19}, with limits from interferometric detectors. Some new methodological features are introduced that have proven successful in the upper limits evaluation.

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Dec 21, 2012

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