[1212.5996] Merging neutron star binaries: equation of state and electrodynamics

Authors: Dong Lai

Date: 25 Dec 2012

Abstract: Merging neutron star (NS) binaries may be detected by ground-based gravitational wave (GW) interferometers (e.g. LIGO/VIRGO) within this decade and may also generate electromagnetic radiation detectable by wide-field, fast imaging telescopes that are coming online. The GWs can provide new constraint on the NS equation of state (including mass-radius relation and the related nuclear symmetry energy through resonant g-modes). This paper reviews various hydrodynamical (including equilibrium and dynamical/resonant tides) and electrodynamical processes in coalescing NS binaries, with focus on the pre-merger phase.

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Dec 26, 2012

1212.5996 (/preprints)
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