[gr-qc/0404023] Kranc: a Mathematica application to generate numerical codes for tensorial evolution equations

Authors: Sascha Husa, Ian Hinder, Christiane Lechner

Date: 6 Apr 2004

Abstract: We present a suite of Mathematica-based computer-algebra packages, termed "Kranc", which comprise a toolbox to convert (tensorial) systems of partial differential evolution equations to parallelized C or Fortran code. Kranc can be used as a "rapid prototyping" system for physicists or mathematicians handling very complicated systems of partial differential equations, but through integration into the Cactus computational toolkit we can also produce efficient parallelized production codes. Our work is motivated by the field of numerical relativity, where Kranc is used as a research tool by the authors. In this paper we describe the design and implementation of both the Mathematica packages and the resulting code, we discuss some example applications, and provide results on the performance of an example numerical code for the Einstein equations.

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Aug 03, 2010

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