Proce55ing applications

Using Proce55ing (v. greater than 91) and OS X /Developer/Applications/Java Tools/Java Bundler, it's easy to create a standalone OS X application from a Proce55ing applet. Among other things, this allows use of the very fast OpenGL graphics routines.

Just "Export" the applet under Proce55ing; if you're using any external files (such as fonts), copy them back to the Applet directory, since Proce55ing does not do this by itself (in fact, it repeatedly deletes the files that you put in).

Then open the Jar Bundler, select your main class from the jar file, and under "Classpath and Files", add all additional files and libraries that appear in the Proce55ing-created applet directory. (If you have OpenGL libraries, you should need only those that end in .jnilib; the .so files should be linux, and the .dll files should be Windows. But don't quote me on this. Under "Properties", check "Set Working Directory to Inside Application Package". Don't forget to select a catchy icon under "Build Information" (this is the "running" icon; you'll need to change the "file" icon for the application bundle in the Finder).

A compressed disk image (dmg) can be made with Disk Utility by first creating an image large enough to contain the bundle as it is, and then converting to a read-only compressed image.

Jun 18, 2005

processing-standalone (/progtricks)
2005-06-18, 14:49 [edit]

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