Notes on SciPy2006 talks

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Day 1: tutorials

→ Travis Oliphant, NumPy tutorial (NumPy website)

→ Fernando Perez, IPython tutorial (IPython website)

Day 2, morning

→ Guido Van Rossum, keynote (Python 3000 PEP)

→ Travis Oliphant, state of Numpy

→ Fernando Perez, doing science with Python

→ Michael Aivazis, Pyre

Day 2, afternoon

→ Eric Jones, Enthought Tool Suite

→ Christopher Mueller, Synthetic programming

→ Prabhu Ramachandran, MayaVi

→ Andrew Straw, realtime computing

→ William Stein, SAGE (uses very cool jsmath for TeX display)

→ Greg Wilson, software carpentry (look at Trac and DrProject, check recommended reading at his homepage)

Day 3, morning

→ Benjamin Eitzen, GpuPy

→ …

→ Bill Spotz, parallel PDE solvers in Python

Aug 18, 2006

scipy2006 (/progtricks)
2006-08-18, 12:40 [edit]

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