SciPy 2007

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Conference website

→ Useful scientific Python computing resources

→ Schrodinger evolution simulation by Nagel/Perez (from cookbook)

→ Installing numpy and scipy: in recent versions, edit site.cfg (in dist directories) for location of blas, lapack, fftw… OS X (with devtools) has accelerated blas and lapack (note a BLAS Altivec bug in OS X 10.4). Note that numpy release 1.0.3 breaks scipy build (it may be enough to link scipy/scipy to scipy/Lib).

→ New traits and ets repository; uses EasyInstall, very nice installation engine

→ Considered the NVIDA G8800 GTX as a platform for CUDA

→ Mac: building universal libraries

→ Notebook progress in ipython?


IPython tutorial

Idiomatic Python (see also Goodger)

Wrapping tutorial: slides, Graph.i, all materials

Day 1

→ Lots about the One Laptop per Child project; talked to Ivan Krstic about hypercard-like educational stacks wtih scientific data and its analysis. Perhaps SAGE?

Plenary talks

Lightning talks

Day 2

Plenary talks

Aug 17, 2007

scipy2007 (/progtricks)
2007-08-17, 15:05 [edit]

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