Programming Trick: compiling SynthLISA on SunOS

Several little changes needed.

Ah, first of all, Sun tar is not quite compatible with GNU tar.

In the Makefiles, I needed to replace the references to make and grep with variables, pointing to the GNU rather than Sun versions of these commands (on snug, the GNU commands are found in /tps/bin). Also I needed to call /tps/bin/make rather than just make.

The file Makefile.python in the SWIG directory (derived from the SWIG makefiles) needed to be run through dos2unix. Otherwise make gets confused and does not set some variables. The split line (partially commented out) needs also to be rearranged. Apparently the code does not need libg++, which must also be taken out of the makefile.

The test suite will need a first line of /tps/bin/python rather than /usr/bin/python. Or perhaps one can call python directly.

Finally, to run correctly python needs /tps/lib to be added to LD_LIBRAY_PATH.

Jan 22, 2004

synthlisaonsun (/progtricks)
2004-01-22, 19:03 [edit]

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