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→ CSS-based presentations: S5, HTML Slidy

→ Type: Type Tester

→ Style: Bobby van der Sluis' Best of the Web, Devil's Details; at A List Apart: Onion Skinned Drop Shadows, Alternate Style Sheets; Web Developer's handbook, great float tutorial

→ Graphics: cheap logo design

→ LaTeX formulas: jsMath

Problems with vallis.org restyling

Web applications:

Jon Udell's report on Internet Groupware for Scientific Collaboration

→ Web apps: getting books by ISBN, getting papers by DOI, where's that website that was?, Google sitemaps, Ning (build social apps), integrating Google Maps (API docs, MapBuilder)

→ Webmail: RoundCube

→ Browsers: GreaseMonkey for Firefox, Piggy Bank (semantic web extension for Firefox from MIT)


→ Apache: configuring SquirrelMail under RedHat 9.0, restricting file access

→ Installing DAV

→ Blosxom: correcting behavior of code snippets, adding Markdown


→ A Wiki comparison

DokuWiki, TiddlyWiki (client-side, very cool, see also ZiddlyWiki), SnipSnap

→ With LaTeX support: OddMuse, MediaWiki, TWiki, PmWiki

→ Other content management systems: Moodle (for teaching), BaseCamp (more of a productivity tool), Mambo CMS

→ Frameworks: Django (also here), Ruby on Railscomparison

Oct 16, 2006

home (/webtricks)
2006-10-16, 00:35 [edit]

WebDAV on Apache

On a stock RedHat 9.0 Apache installation, it is enough to modify /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf (following instructions from webdav.org) adding something like

<Location /home/www>
    DAV On
        [AuthType, Require user, etc., etc.]

If however you have any CGI scripts accessed by POSTing forms under /home/www, the authentication required above will be requested for those, as well. A solution (suggested by Rainer Ziller) is to make an alias of /home/www, and apply the Location statement to that alias:

Alias /dav /home/www

Feb 22, 2006

dav (/webtricks)
2006-02-22, 12:35 [edit]

vallis.org: Michele's wikiblog

In IE6/Win, the page title (#menu h1) is missing the top border. Solved by making #menu h1 absolutely positioned.

In IE6/Win, multiline .section h2 induces additional spacing above corresponding paragraph. Solved by making .section h2 absolutely positioned and adjusting position. Same for .blogsection h2.

In IE6/Win, Firefox/Win, and Firefox/Mac, strange positioning of the form login elements in the weblog, and also of the text in the colophon. Perhaps problem with the footer element? Fixed on Firefox/Mac by styling #blogfooter form's margin and #blogfooter's padding.

→ In IE6/Win, problems with the padding of the tables inside sections, including the imagegallery tables.

Python problems with the time given by Apache to the blog entries? Corrected by setting the DST flag (the last entry of the structure returned by time.strptime, converted to a list) to -1 before passing to time.mktime.

Dec 24, 2005

problems (/webtricks)
2005-12-24, 00:28 [edit]

Web trick: getting books by the ISBN.

Maybe the DOI can do this, as well, but you can try to buy any book from Amazon if you know its ISBN code. Just link to http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/, followed by the ISBN.

Nov 10, 2004

amazon (/webtricks)
2004-11-10, 12:00 [edit]

Web trick: getting papers by the DOIs.

Ever wondered how to use those official-looking DOI numbers that now appear next to your abstract in all major scientific journals? Just link to http://dx.doi.org/, followed by the DOI code. For instance, this is where we get with DOI 10.1103/PhysRevLett.84.3519.

Oct 26, 2004

doi (/webtricks)
2004-10-26, 17:14 [edit]

Web trick: where's that website that was?

It's all there, at the Internet Archive. See also their non-web content, and the very interesting FreeCache.

Sep 09, 2004

waybackmachine (/webtricks)
2004-09-09, 15:13 [edit]

Apache trick: configuring SquirrelMail under RedHat 9.0

In fact, there is not much to do. We need to point some sensible URL to the main SquirrelMail directory, which is /usr/share/squirrelmail in the default RedHat 9.0 distribution. We do this with the Alias directive in httpd.conf.

Then create a directory ./attachments in /usr/share/squirrelmail, and chmod it to apache:apache (xr for everybody else); inside ./attachments, create .htaccess with the single line deny from all. Also chmod /var/lib/squirrelmail/prefs to root:apache. Run the script /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/conf.pl, and change the Organization, the IMAP server, and the location of the attachment directory.

Finally, SquirrelMail will run happily under https (at least if SSL is enabled in apache, as it is in the standard RedHat 9.0 distribution). An easy way to force secure connections is to close port 80 on the web server, and open port 443. Otherwise, a plugin might be available on the SquirrelMail website to force at least secure logins.

Nov 11, 2003

squirrelmail (/webtricks)
2003-11-11, 20:36 [edit]

Blosxom Trick: correcting <pre> behavior

I have modified the textrite blosxom plugin to correct the behavior with <pre> blocks (so now the preceding paragraph is closed before and reopened after the block). It was a matter of adding two lines in the (sed) format

$text=~ s/_text to replace_/_replacement text_/g;

Easy! A similar rule also allows to set italics by using underscores, but this is not enabled now because underscores might be needed in code snippets. It's better to use <i>.

Oct 31, 2003

textrite-pre (/webtricks)
2003-10-31, 13:22 [edit]

Apache Trick: restricting access to single files by user and password

First, create an apache passwd file somewhere safe (but apache-readable) in the system, using htpasswd user; then create an .htaccess file in the directory to protect, with the directives

AuthName "restricted documents on _domain_"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile _location of passwd file_
<Files "_file to protect_">
Require valid-user

you will also need to add AllowOverride AuthConfig in the relevant Directory section of your httpd.conf.

Oct 31, 2003

apache-password-protect (/webtricks)
2003-10-31, 13:00 [edit]

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