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→ CSS-based presentations: S5, HTML Slidy

→ Type: Type Tester

→ Style: Bobby van der Sluis' Best of the Web, Devil's Details; at A List Apart: Onion Skinned Drop Shadows, Alternate Style Sheets; Web Developer's handbook, great float tutorial

→ Graphics: cheap logo design

→ LaTeX formulas: jsMath

Problems with vallis.org restyling

Web applications:

Jon Udell's report on Internet Groupware for Scientific Collaboration

→ Web apps: getting books by ISBN, getting papers by DOI, where's that website that was?, Google sitemaps, Ning (build social apps), integrating Google Maps (API docs, MapBuilder)

→ Webmail: RoundCube

→ Browsers: GreaseMonkey for Firefox, Piggy Bank (semantic web extension for Firefox from MIT)


→ Apache: configuring SquirrelMail under RedHat 9.0, restricting file access

→ Installing DAV

→ Blosxom: correcting behavior of code snippets, adding Markdown


→ A Wiki comparison

DokuWiki, TiddlyWiki (client-side, very cool, see also ZiddlyWiki), SnipSnap

→ With LaTeX support: OddMuse, MediaWiki, TWiki, PmWiki

→ Other content management systems: Moodle (for teaching), BaseCamp (more of a productivity tool), Mambo CMS

→ Frameworks: Django (also here), Ruby on Railscomparison

Oct 16, 2006

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