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In IE6/Win, the page title (#menu h1) is missing the top border. Solved by making #menu h1 absolutely positioned.

In IE6/Win, multiline .section h2 induces additional spacing above corresponding paragraph. Solved by making .section h2 absolutely positioned and adjusting position. Same for .blogsection h2.

In IE6/Win, Firefox/Win, and Firefox/Mac, strange positioning of the form login elements in the weblog, and also of the text in the colophon. Perhaps problem with the footer element? Fixed on Firefox/Mac by styling #blogfooter form's margin and #blogfooter's padding.

→ In IE6/Win, problems with the padding of the tables inside sections, including the imagegallery tables.

Python problems with the time given by Apache to the blog entries? Corrected by setting the DST flag (the last entry of the structure returned by time.strptime, converted to a list) to -1 before passing to time.mktime.

Dec 24, 2005

problems (/webtricks)
2005-12-24, 00:28 [edit]

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